ALTRU — The Future Of Business — Launching July 14, 2pm UTC, only on SPACETOAST Launchpad

Launch Is Imminent ALTRU x SPACETOAST!

How To Participate In The Biggest DeFi Launch Of The Year!

With a focus on real world use cases, ALTRU will set the benchmark for new tokens as well as decentralized funding. We chose to partner our presale with TOAST and the SPACETOAST Launch pad because of their commitment to growth.

The TOAST team takes vetting very seriously, and we are looking forward to providing immediate value to this thriving ecosystem.

Through its rigorous “BUIDL” program, TOAST has helped ALTRU refine tokenomics, marketing, brand, community and token locks to ensure a proper, and safe launch.

What is Altru?

ALTRU is a decentralized fund for businesses powered by incredible tokenomics. It’s core focus is providing $25,000 Funding Grants to startups and businesses registered by it’s community-led DAO. (More about ALTRU)

With every transaction a 3% reflection is automatically added to the “Business Funding Wallet”. When that wallet reaches $25,000 the community votes to decide what business will receive funding that round. The amount of ALTRU held determines the amount of voting power you can contribute.


#Sharktank Approved

Presale is live July 14, 2pm UTC

How To Participate in the Presale

Before Sale:

  • Buy SPACETOAST and BNB tokens
  • Get SPACETOAST-BNB LP tokens by adding SPACETOAST and BNB liquidity

We created a zap to reduce the steps. You only need BNB for the zap, click the link. — Get LP tokens using Zap


Get LP tokens Manually

During Sale:

  • While the sale is live, commit your SPACETOAST-LP tokens to buy the Launch Pad tokens

After Sale:

  • Claim the tokens you bought, along with any unspent funds.
  • Done!


Token Supply is limited to drive high value around price point.

Total Supply

LP (PancakeSwap)

LaunchPad Allocation

Post Launch Pools & Farms 💧

  1. 1H after LaunchPad is complete: $ALTRU is listed on Pancakeswap
  2. 24H LaunchPad: $ALTRU — $BNB Farm ➡️ Earn $TOASTz
    (no deposit fee for first 24H)
  3. 72H after LaunchPad: $ALTRU staking pool ️️➡️ Earn $100,000 in $TOASTz 🤯

Join Our Telegram Chat for up to the minute updates:

Join Our Community:

ALTRU Website:

ALTRU — Use Case Over Everything




Decentralized Business Funding on the BSC network, powered by our community-led DAO

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Altru Token

Altru Token

Decentralized Business Funding on the BSC network, powered by our community-led DAO

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